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Taboo Phone Sex... with your WIFE?

Yeah... Im so hot, I'll get your wifey off too... hee hee.

So this is an email I received today, and I have to admit... I am extremely curious to meet her. I mean, I have done calls with women, and I have had sex with women... but I have never... uh... felt like a woman wanted me as bad as she does. I know her ex husband, HOTTIE, and I am afraid to tell her that we still do calls on occasion.

I hope she doesn't get mad that I post her email, I have actually taken all the personal info out...

"Hello Brigitte.

I've mulled for ages over how to write this email and now I have just decided to let it all flow. I hope that it all ends up making sense.

I was introduced to you by way of my husband (or I should say my ex-husband as we are recently divorced). At the time, I did not consider it to be a great introduction. I found out that he had been calling your for phone sex and I was very displeased by this. I was also extremely jealous. I felt that I should be the one that my husband gets off to, not some 'wonder whore'. What can I voice on the phone do that I can't?

As time went on, my husband and I started to drift apart, both emotionally and physically. I knew that he was still calling you, but I started to care about it less and less. One evening I found myself bored and restless and extremely sexually frustrated. I jumped in the jacuzzi and tried to get myself off, but this time, it wouldn't work - I needed extra stimulation. I started to randomly search porn sites for inspiration and some were better than others. Then suddenly I remembered my husband's calls to you. I started to search for your website and I found it!

After reading your website and seeing your pretty face, I suddenly wanted to call you so bad, but I was feeling coy and not quite up to talking. I was quite taken aback by my reaction too. I've never thought about women in that way before, but in that instant, I just had the urge to...touch you? I don't know how to say it. I have never felt this way before.

Since that day I have fantasized over you so many times. I can't get enough of your face, how I imagine your body to look, how I imagine your pussy to taste. I know how to be with a guy, but I've never been with a woman before and the anticipation of it is driving me insane.

Brigitte. I live in the Montreal area of Canada, but I would be willing to take the drive out to MA to meet with you. I would love to pay to take you out and spoil you and seduce you and to kiss and lick every part of you. I don't want the fantasy anymore, I want to kiss and taste your sweet pussy and suck on your beautiful breasts and nipples. I feel so strongly about you, please say you will meet me.

Veronique xx "

Hello, so want her in my panties. Not that I am gonna run out and meet here right away... but I have to admit... this gets me excited. Really, really excite. To fuck the ex wife of a client of mine. She gave me her phone number and I think I may call her... who knows, it may wind up to being some really hot, hot phone sex... hee hee. Then who knows, once I make sure she's not out to get me for ... uhh... getting her husband off.. lol. I may just meet her. What do you guys think?

Anyways, I just thought I would share that with you. By the way, she also sent a.. umm... explicit picture... and fuck me is he hot! Now there is a muffin that could use some.. uh... munchin!

Alright, I got some homework to get done... so I will yap at you latter!

kiss kiss kiss,
877 281 1531


Phone Sex Whore Rocks My Hips Like Yeah

Yes, I just quoted a Miley Cyrus song, lol. That song is so catchy... I rock my hips like yeah all the time... lol. Ok, Matt, too much? hee hee

So, I have accomplished A LOT since we last chatted. New merchant account in full effect and making my life so much more easy, and profitable. If you come through phone sex central, central will keep you in it's frames, so you actually have to type my url into the browser then go to purchase, which is a HUGE pain in the ass and lost like four callers before I figured that little gem out. So, if you see phone sex central at the top of my purchase page, you know what to do. Or it gives you some bullshit bout frames or parameters. It's some sort of fraud prevention.

Got two new girls hired for another site, in process of training them... my way. Not a carbon copy of me, but you know... to be personable and fun, let their real personalities shine through. So much fun!

Rebuilt an old site, hope to launch it this Saturday. Ill post the link when it's all taken care of. If you do calls from there, even though they aren't done by me, I still get paid... it's my site! Woo Hoo! I encourage you to cheat on me, lol.

What else have I done? Ughh... butterflies. I said I would give a lecture on being a phone sex operator to some peeps, and they took me up on it, and right now, it looks to be like 30-40 people showing up for it. I did a run through yesterday with the head honcho, and I ran long like by 15 minutes, but they said it was cool, cause I have the hall for three hours, so I can not only run really long, but meet with peeps after wards. I am super nervous, but I know my shit.

It's basically just women wanting to learn to be more erotic, how to tease, stuff like that. I am covering the bases though, from role plays to exploring fetishes. Telling women, if you indulge in a mans fantasy, not only will it put me out of business, but then men will be more willing to explore yours as well. Not rocket science, I know. But some women think sex is just laying there... and that's not right.

Also am hoping to snag a few new hires for my sites... some hotties which a bad case of the naughties... oh yea!

School is in full swing, well, as full of swing when your classes aren't booked so crazy like they were last quarter. College tried to say some credits didn't transfer from my last college, after they said they would... and I put them in a beat down. So, as of right now, I am still on track for rockin the graduation ceremony in June.

I also got snoopy to get a twitter account so he could follow me, and I can torment him. I am patiently waiting for his first tweet... well, not so patiently.

Wonder if I can get Joe to get one too? hmmm I know he reads me all the time.. but is he following me?

Make sure you are checking my specials on my main page... and follow me on twitter.. I have surprise tweet specials starting today... Awesome savings so you can spend more time with your favorite Phone Sex Wonder Whore! We all know, I rock it like a hurricane!

I am getting ready for my annual Academy Awards Party... complete with all us girls in our formals, decked out from head to toe. I told the boys they could come if they rented tux's and they laughed at me... hmpff... go figure. I need some cute snack foods, I call em whore derbs... hee hee. Plus, I want a red carpet and some awesome decorations. I want to make Bunny Bridget from Playboy and Sexiest beaches proud. She throws themed parties all the time, as well as dresses themed! Any suggestions?

Oh, and I need my Bitches, Sluts and Buttboys to send me pictures to thewonderwhore@gmail.com so I can put them on my next personal site. I got this awesome pink photo album that I am turning into a graphic and sticking your pictures into it. The cover is "My Bitches"... with a pink crystal dotting the i.

I also might be going to California in the next couple of months to see my niece. Depends on how well I am doing and how much I can earn between now and then... I miss my niece something fierce and I guess I will just have to work even harder!

Fun stuff... I told you I have been super productive. I have been also taking lots of calls and getting my homework done.. how's that for being The Wonder Whore!

I have it scheduled in my CRS book Cant Remember Shit)to update my journal at least once a week. I started reading this self help book, they call it a CAN book, and it's helping me stay positive and organized, and in just a week I have already changed my life. I am so offering up to my new hires.. as it rocks hard core.

For those who care... right now I am wearing a taupe cashmere sweater, Painted on dark denim levis, Light brown ugz. My hair is pulled up in my signature pony, no make up... and feeling super sexy. I call it my snowbunny look, it's warm and practical. I smell like a princess too... Vera Wang Princess. (thanks soma)

Little known fact about me: Water is my best friend, not cause I swim once to twice a week, but I also have drinking water on me at all time. I carry my metal bottle of water, plus I normally have a bottled water in my bag incase my friends need one. My car normally has water in the trunk to. Right now it doesn't, as it freezes and explodes... not cool.

Ok, I think I am done bending your guys ears..eyes... whatever ... lol. I have to straighten my bedroom and get my homework done before I hop in bed. Phone lines are on! Call me!

kiss kiss kiss,
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I come back to terrorize y'alls neighborhood. Ok, so I am probably still a little, smidge really, drunk from last night. I partied my ass off.Ended up wearing my pink silky dress I made to match my new Betsey Johnson Earrings. I looked damn hot, well, cause my nipples sported some major stiffness through the hole night... lol. Silk just does that to me.It feels like you are naked in a hole crowed of people... lol.

This past year was amazing. New callers, new friends, wonderful old friends and callers, all combined. I am truly, truly blessed. Not really blessed, as damn awesome... hee hee.I looove my job, and I so love the path my life is going down right now. I almost have my two year degree... for those keeping track, it only took me a year and a half, as I rule. With me taking one quarter off to have fun this summer. I am so gonna take BU by storm next fall, and then your little phone sex cutie... will be a SCIENTIST, well, after much money, studying and ass kissing ...lol. I am going all the way, someday soon I will be Dr. Brigitte.

I am just so excited to be graduating in June. I know it's dorky to walk at just a two year college, but fuck me, have I earned this diploma... hands down. Straight A student... thank you very much.

My voice was my ticket this year, getting me further along my dreams than I could have ever hoped for. I hope to get more work in the coming year and hope to expand to different languages as I go. Rossetta Stone anyone. I know, I'm cryptic, but most of you know what I am talking about anyways and why I keep things under raps.

This past year. I fell in love. Sigh... hee hee... with Betsey Johnson. She defines my style down to a t. Sadly, I do not have one of her dresses yet, as they are 300-500 dollars, and I have not perfected Financial Domination Phone Sex to a t yet. So no sugar daddy for me... boo. I didn't have the time this past year, to put into a full fledged money slave. Maybe this year I will find the puppet to play with... hee hee.

My brother got married this past year, and as of today, it will be official in New Hampshire... yeah gay marriage. He's so in love with the other, people need to realize that two people should marry if they are that in love. Yeah for them! Now they are off baby making with a surrogate. I will eventually have to give up my pink room for the pitter patter of lil feet, and move back into the ucky basement. But it's only temp, as they will be getting a bigger house and I will buy this one. I already have a full remodel in store for it.. to include an in ground pool. This is all contingent on me raking in the big bucks this year in my continued quest to rule the world. Steps are in motion, but damn, who knew it would be this difficult.

If I work hard, and figure out a way to mix school and work, I should be heading to Italy this year. My friends already have hotels booked, I just have to come up with the spending money and airline ticket. It's a full on assault on Italy with a side trip to Greece. A dream come true. Just got to sock some money away, cause goodness knows, I don't want to even attempt it with little spending money. I want to shop!

I have big things planned this year. But instead of talking about them, I will just show you what this fully operation phone sex wonder whore is capable of. We are talking BIG! I have been working on things all winter break and can't wait to show off my hard work.

I go back to school next week, but my class load is light. I'll be heading to portsmouth over Valentine weekend for yet another wedding and then, cross your fingers... another wedding the first week of March. I get to be the MOH in that one. Small affair in Florida. Will be a heaven sent break from all this snow... blghh.

I have now become a morning person, thanks to my friends who have dragged my ass out of bed at the butt crack of dawn for the past six month. They are helping me train to become a marathon runner. I am not gonna qualify for this years Boston race, but I hope to hit some up this summer and then next year just take the marathons by storm. My body has never been this good in shape. It's good, but it sucks... cause I have to eat good to maintain it. Oh chocolate, how I miss thee. Somebody smuggled me in some cookies and chocolate from Penn... that the diet patrol missed... hee hee. Or I am sure I would be boooooonkers by now without it. Kiss!

Send me your Birthdays so I can send Birthday cards party peeps. I know some of you can't, but a good portion of you can get some Briggie lovin.

Ok, now I check my journal update off my to do list. I got a lot to do today, this year really, and as we all know... there is absolutely no rest for the wicked.

Have a "wicked" awesome new year!


Perky Phone Sex Girl v. Shark Week

Shark week wins.

Those who know me, know that I am seriously scared of sharks. Like, pass out dead if I ever came across one in the wild. I get goosebumps when I watch shark stuff on tv, and every year, after shark week... I have nightmares of getting eatten by a great white. I can't help myself, I have to watch... even though I know sometimes it takes me months to get back to normal.

So, this explains the reason why said perky phone sex girl is awake at 530 am, only after going to bed at 230 am.

Then, while laying awake trying not to think of sharks... I think I hear people in the house. Now, I know there are no people in the house, as we have security out the ass, but that does not keep my mind from thinking I am about to be attacked at any moment.

I would go jump in bed with my brother and the other, but they put a kabosh to that the last time I woke up thinking someone was in the house. Sneaky fuckers put a lock on their door.

So, I sit here, awake... eyes wide open, trying to calm myself by posting a journal entry.... not working, cause every creak of the house sounds like a foot step. Boo and Wills are right by my side, but they weigh a combined total of 21 lbs between the two of them... and the only damage I can they can do, is if I pick them up and throw them at the feared intruder or intruders.

I shall change the subject, maybe that might help me.

So, I only have two more quarters of my college before I graduate, two quarters ahead of everybody else. Then I will have six months to get my act together and save as much money as I can so I can go to Boston U. Its going to be fucking pricey as hell, as I am considered an out of state student... only living fourty miles away from the school. So, know this... not only are you getting off when you call me, you are putting your favorite fucktoy through college.

I know some of you are afraid that I will quit, once I get a career. Fear not, I may slow down, or be on leave from it from time to time, but we all know marine biologist make diddly squat, so your little princess isn't going to be going anywhere anytime soon. I may put up a schedule, as I will be trying to accelerate through a four year university, like I did my two year... so my school loads will be heavy. But I promise I will make time for all you guys.

I missed Mr. Seattle today... haven't talked to him in forever... and I missed him by like twenty minutes... fuck me. I have missed him. His voice is so dreamy... I almost called him back... but I never know if one of his many girlfriends might be around, or checking his call log or what not... so I played it safe. So, mr. seattle, call me back please.

Im still spending a fair amount of time at the beach... but haven't gone since Saturday... was a little too busy for my sun bathing pleasure. Looks like this saturday, the boys and I are heading out on a twelve mile hike to the top of some mountain I can't pronounce...and when I do try to say it, the boys snicker at me. I haven't done a hike that long, so wish me luck... or wish the boys luck, as they may have to carry me back off the mountain. Not unlike when I have to carry willow when I take her too far on a trip, and she just quits on me, and I have to lug the often wet lil pooch back home.

Ok, Im tired again. No more wierd noises. I am tired, naked, and wanting at least some sleep.

Come snuggle me,


Phone Sex Beach Princess

I have found Hampton Beach. That was probably a big mistake, as I have now lived out a good portion of the summer in itsy bitsy swimwear and am now as tan as tan can be... lol. I know, you are thinking... why is that a big mistake? Well, I can't really work, laying in my beach chair, playing in the ocean... or shopping the typical new england boardwalk. It's seriously heaven for me. The past week I even got a rental on the beach so I could just role out, and plop into the ocean. I think I may buy something out there, just to be closer.

Sorry for being MIA since like last feb, I can't believe it's been that long. I have done a couple calls here and there, with my Penn guy and a few others, and have made money with some recordings I have sold, but I really haven't been full force at it, like I used to be. With my friends wedding, and my brothers wedding... it's just been one busy, busy summer. Now, both of them are done done done... I make a great Maid of Honor... just fyi.... and I can breath... and spend more time on my beach. So, I think I may try to sneak in times for calls here an there for my regulars... but save the nights that I don't go out for working for new callers and what not. If you need me, message or email me... and we can so work something out! lol

Now, back to my beach. All the girls are hot, in teeny tiny bikini's and the men are ok... but most want to get you out of your swimwear and onto their jocks... which isn't as fun as it sounds. Listen to me guys, pick up lines don't work, and in fact... piss me the fuck off. If you want to get a girls attention, ask them questions... lots of questions... cause we all know... girls love talking about themselves. Compliment them, but don't over compliment them... cause it just makes us feel awkward. I swear, if I get another pick up line this summer from some college hunk wanna be... I am so going brittney spears on his ass with my beach umbrella... lol.


Let's see, what else have I been doing this summer? Well, I went to NYC again and took on the museum of modern art, like I did in Boston. I got to see all the greats and was so tickled pink by it... you have no idea. I've also gone back to Salem a couple of times and had a witches hat made especially for me with pink flowers, a white peacock and sparklies... it's just beautiful. I have traveled more in New Hampshire and found more covered bridges and just basically gotten to know NH a little bit better. And Boston, my beloved Boston, so has taken over as the most awesome city. I used to think Seattle rocked, but I gotta give Boston it's cred. There is so much to do... comedy clubs and theater, and just everything imaginable to do here. I love the aquarium, I love the lunch on the patio in the summer. This place just rules. I even found some Southie friends, that I really like... when I can understand them.

My brother and his boyfriend are still spoiling me rotten. I cook and clean and be the domestic pink goddess I am, and they let me shop on thier dime here and there as payment. I have so many of the maxi dresses, and beach cover ups, that they have become my uniform this summer. Even when I know I'm not going to swim, I pop in a bikini and cover up... just cause it keeps me cool. I feel like a princess in my maxi dress (the long dresses that go to the floor, kinda hippy dippy, but pull off easy with just a little tug... lol)

For those who care, right now I am wearing a black goddess bikini, and a black maxi dress with bronze flips on my feet. My sisters came up for a couple weeks for my bro's wedding, and got me turned back onto manicures and pedicures... so my nails are all nicely done in the perfect shade of pink. My hair, sunkissed like I love it, is in a french twist, with a pink flower on a comb holding it in place. Like I said earlier, I am tan as can be and smell slightly of coconut oil... lol.

I seriously love that beach, I have dreams of it, I hear it when I am not there... all I need to do is find a way to diddle and do calls, and it would be the perfect place.

I feel like a princess right now, and I am so peaceful and happy. The best thing I ever did, is to move from Seattle to here. I feel like I belong here... Anyways, I hope you all are enjoying your summer... make sure you get out and have some fun. Remember, even if you don't swim... you should go to the beaches and just girl watch... it's what Im doing... hee hee.



cum and get me boys!


Punxsutawney Phil v. Phone Sex Diva

Grrr. I am so done with snow... it's not even funny. We got tons of it. It's piled taller than I am at the end of the drive way... and for the next 48 hours... we are going to get dumped on again. I want to kick some groundhog ass right now! Please... just a lil hint of spring right about now would do me some serious good. Hee Hee. It' wouldn't be so bad if I could go play in the snow, but it's like a solid brick of ice on the ground... and you would seriously be taking your life into your own hands if you tried. After this stuff freezes, I may go sculpt something into the large pile at the end of the drive way... just so I don't go friggin bonkers. If I do, I shall take pictures.

Anyways, I've been asked what I want for Valentines by a couple of you guys and I told you I would update my wishlists and stuff... hee hee. Please don't spend a crap load on me, specially in this day and age of people losing thier jobs. Make sure you take care of yourselves first, then you can spoil me... hee hee. Anyways... here is my Friends 2b Made wishlist... I am so addicted... I know, I will never grow up... but I don't want to. They are going out of Buisiness this fall... so I really, really want these before they go... hee hee. You can either send me a gift certificate to my email address... and I will shop from my wishlist... or you can buy me one straight from it and send it to my address. Ill give you my mailing address, you just have to ask for it... hee hee. Phone Sex Cutie Still Plays With Dolls... The Wishlist!

Plus I am still on a build a bear kick... hee hee. The next time I get to go into a store wont be till my Birthday... it's all Ive asked my Brother and the Other for my birthday... hee hee... They are so snuggable... it's not even funny. The buildabears... not my brother and the other... lol... well, I guess they are too... Im sure. My Build A Bear Wishlist! What can I say? They make me happy... I like to snuggle with them at night, and they are all over the house... to drive my brother and the other bonkers... I now have more than my niece... hee hee.

Shipping is 5 dollars per bear/doll... which really isn't that bad. If you can, request that they stuff them firm and not to send the box with them... cause I have tons of the boxes... hee hee. My sweetie in Penn got me one.. that I have been sleeping with every night... hee hee. It's so soft and cuddley... I strip it naked.. so not to ruin wrinkle it's pretty dress... then I strip naked to cuddle with it... It's become a nightly ritual... hee hee. On most days, it's dressed way before I am... hee hee.

I also have my Amazon wishlist updated, you can find that on my phone sex site.. The Wonder Whore under wishlists. And my stockroom wishlist too... hee hee. I put some valentine related items on there as well... hee hee.

As you can tell, I loooove shopping. You really need to see me shop to really appreciate me... I can hang with the pros, let me tell you.

Well, gosh... that put me in a better mood... hee hee. It's a good thing, cause I was seriously gonna have to go after a ground hog for giving us six more weeks of winter... hee hee.

Now I am in an even better mood... cause Mr. Nailz called and he totally worked me over... holy fuck... I'm done for a bit. Seriously... done... I don't think I can even stick my hands near my panties for at least an hour... hee hee.

I shall chat at you soon!


Ohhh... yeah! Can you feel it? Can you feel the ... uh... hope ... in the air! Ding Dong The Bush is Gone! Woo Hoo... I have NOT stopped partying... I can't help it. I have been on cloud nine for over a week. So excited to move on know that our fate is in capable hands now. Whew! I cried during the swearing in... uh... the first one anyways... and I popped some Balatorie... my new signature drink... loves it, and just haven't stopped celebrating.

I wanted Hilary in, we all know it. I want to see us have a female president some day. I think she would have done an awesome job. I am glad Obama, excuse me... President Obama is in office. I know he will do a wonderful job as I love his agenda... especially the transparent White House... tripple love it... and I have so much hope right now... it's just not even funny.

I know some of you are ... cough... republicans... but it's ok, I still love you, even if you want to hurt me right now, even if it's just a little. I can understand how you are feeling cause I felt it the past eight years. It's ok, Im sure the shoe will be on other foot, but hopefully not for a very,very long time... hee hee.

So anyways, me and my friends have been out almost every night this past week... shaking our bootays... having a grand ol time. This weekend I went to a new ballroom dance place that was just awesome... it was in Concord, so it was a bit of a drive... and it was on this lil main street shopping area, aboversome stores. It had tivoli lighting going up the stairs and was just so retro it wasn't even funny. Floor to ceiling mirrors all around and floor to ceiling windows in the front all lit up. I had a blast... was like stepping into the past a little bit. I boogied my butt off, let me tell you.

I am in looove with Micael Urie... he's on Ugly Betty. I love gay men, which I know he plays a gay man, but I'm not sure if he is in real life or not. Doesn't matter... he's so up my alley it's not even funny. I love him love him, but not love him boink him... well... he is definetly masturbation fodder... cause he is hot... and Im human. Anyways... he has a blog... and does vlogs... and twitters... and well... it's like an inside look to his life and all... and I am addicted already. Anyways.. here it is... you should get addicted to it too... specially all my sissy and bi friends... he's gorge... hubba hubba! I pop up in the comments every once in awhile too...hee hee... Michael Urie's Wonderful Web Page Check him out, fall in love, enjoy his funnies... hee hee. I hope he doesn't mind traffic from this lil phone sex operator... hee hee .

I had fifteen followers on twitter... but two have since dumped me... sniff... apparently they didn't realize that I was into adult erotica... hee hee... anyways... check me out at
Phone Sex Twitter

Well, I am off to go get killed at the gym, Tracey, my new friend who is a fitness coach... said she's gonna help me find a new brutal work out routine... to get me ready for my half mile marathon in hampton beach next month... holy moly, will I be soar tonight!

Talk to you all later!


My new Theme Song!

I love this song... hee hee. I wonder why... Some say it's bout masturabation... some say it's bout the twat... I say it's bout pink and my love obsession with it...

will someone wrap me in rubber?

Anyways... I got thier greatest hits album, or at least one of many... and I can't stop listening to this song. I dance around the room in my undies... singing it at the top of my lungs. It is definately my theme song!

Anyways... if you can't see the embedded video... you can check it out here... Phone Sex Princess Favorite Aersomith Song It truly does rock! I can't believe it came out so long ago... like 1997 and I never heard it... hmmm.

Sleepy Phone Sex Princess

I love you guys... that's what the news is!

I slept till like Two pm today. I guess my body really needed it. I have been going and going for the past couple of weeks... and I guess I hit a wall today. It's ok, Im allowed to sleep every once in awhile.

I was actually really busy tonight, after I came home with my brother and his other. I signed in thinking it would be slow and I could get some recordings done, and my journal, but noooo... you guys had other plans for me... now didn't you? It's weird, last week, Monday was hella busy, then Tuesday slow... yesterday I was gone most the day, but when I did sign in, it was pretty dead. Tonight, my phone was on fire... as you can tell in My Phone Sex Tweets I couldn't even update them till I was all caught up... he he.

Tomorrow I am meeting with a couple of TS Girls for the very first time for Coffee around three. It's kinda weird, this part of the country is so much older than most parts, but it surely is stuck in the past. People still make fun of gay people, or have a hard time dealing with them, it's probably the whitest area I have ever lived in, and Transgenders are severly closeted for fear of death... really. Breaks my heart. I'm scared for my brother sometimes, he's out everywhere else but here... I don't even think our neighbors know they are gay. I wish people would just truly get over it, if you paid more attention to whats going on in your own bedroom,rather than others... then everyone over all would be a lot more happier. So I met two TS Girls on New Years eve and one Transgender boy... and I have decided to help them form a support group for themselves. Sadly, there are very few places they can dress and be their real selves... I hope to maybe find at a couple safe places for them. My dance studio isn't one of them, it's not the instructors, but some of the guys that go there. I've ran into two fucktards that I have had to give a piece of my mind cause they were making fun of gay men dancing or saying something off colored. Fuck I hate ignorant people, really I do.

Ok, end rant. I'm really not mad mad, cause I am actively doing something to change perception of gay and transgender people. The more straight people get to know them, the more they realize they are just like everybody else. Good people are good people, no matter who they like to boink. I would like to see our lil group grow, and even help others out their start their own as well. So if you are TS, then drop me a line. Let's see if we can get something sane and safe going in your area as well!

Anyways, I am seeing them for coffee with two of my girlfriends then going over to a friends house before class tomorrow night.So if I take calls, it might just be in the am and after ten pm my time. Kay?

I have been working on this journal entry for hours! It's just taking me forever with all your horn dogs calling..sheesh... KEEP IT UP!

A couple of you guys have been pointing out a lil lady who has been copying my blog, sometimes word for word, and I think it's funny. Don't email her or what not... she's obviously struggling to get callers in, and I think as soon as she reads this entry... she will cease... if not, oh well. I'm sure in the end it will cause her more headache than anything, if she sticks around that long. You know how long bad phone sex operators last in this industry... not very.. hee hee. All she needs to do is be herself, and guys will surely flock to her... go out and live your own life chicka... if it's not interesting now... go out and make it interesting. Then you will have something to blog about!

It's my motto this year... Live Life! As many of you have found out. I love being so active... having fun, learning new things... and I want to push you all to live life a little harder, a little better... get your fun on peoples! It doesn't take a lot if any money to go out and find something fun. I triple dipple dog dare everyone to go out and do something new this month... go do something you have always wanted to do, something you are curious about... something that really gets your rocks off... in a non sexual way... Thats my job, but other than that... Get out there people. I have thrown down... it's all on you now.

Ok, Im delierous with fatigue again... hopefully my typing isn't to horrible. I think I have enough .... in here to sink the titanic... but oh well. I shall talk to you all later!


Yeah! Ten Pin Bowling

I like to bowl, like real bowling, not this candle pin crap they have round here. I am a real girl, give me real balls, not those lil fuckers you wuss down the isle in candle pin. Sheesh. Anyways, I found an awesome alley that had my REGULAR BOWLING... and low and behold, I took my friends to it... and got my Ass Whooped. Granted I haven't bowled, other than wuss pin bowling, in a couple of years... but sheesh. I did manage to get a single strike in every game we played... but let me tell you... the gutter loved me. I got made fun of hard core... so, I am going to go practice till I am good again... meaning average of about 150... cause lets face it... those balls are heavy... hee hee.

Anyways, afterwards I went out with everyone for Chinese and got a scorpion bowl... I got the shot that went with it... and loved the straws... holy moly did it knock me off my butt. Did I mention I loved the straws? They are frickin long! Shari and me played starwars with them as we left the place, and our other friends vowed to never let us have another Scorpion bowl. Shari and I have made a secret pack... to get as many scorpion bowls in us by the end of the new year!

I got new reviews up on my site... take a gander... a really nice one from MrNailz... Thank you very much! You made my day! Also have another girl in my favorites for you guys to try out in... Check her out and see how you like her.. kay?

I'm typing on my eee while I wait for my dance class... forgot we pushed this back later... so I will probably not be home till late, I can't wait to play with you! Man, I could have been home taking calls.

Make sure you are checking out my Phone Sex Twitter Page for regular updates... I have maybe only missed one or two calls!

Talk to you soon!


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