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Yeah! Ten Pin Bowling

I like to bowl, like real bowling, not this candle pin crap they have round here. I am a real girl, give me real balls, not those lil fuckers you wuss down the isle in candle pin. Sheesh. Anyways, I found an awesome alley that had my REGULAR BOWLING... and low and behold, I took my friends to it... and got my Ass Whooped. Granted I haven't bowled, other than wuss pin bowling, in a couple of years... but sheesh. I did manage to get a single strike in every game we played... but let me tell you... the gutter loved me. I got made fun of hard core... so, I am going to go practice till I am good again... meaning average of about 150... cause lets face it... those balls are heavy... hee hee.

Anyways, afterwards I went out with everyone for Chinese and got a scorpion bowl... I got the shot that went with it... and loved the straws... holy moly did it knock me off my butt. Did I mention I loved the straws? They are frickin long! Shari and me played starwars with them as we left the place, and our other friends vowed to never let us have another Scorpion bowl. Shari and I have made a secret pack... to get as many scorpion bowls in us by the end of the new year!

I got new reviews up on my site... take a gander... a really nice one from MrNailz... Thank you very much! You made my day! Also have another girl in my favorites for you guys to try out in... Check her out and see how you like her.. kay?

I'm typing on my eee while I wait for my dance class... forgot we pushed this back later... so I will probably not be home till late, I can't wait to play with you! Man, I could have been home taking calls.

Make sure you are checking out my Phone Sex Twitter Page for regular updates... I have maybe only missed one or two calls!

Talk to you soon!


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