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Sleepy Phone Sex Princess

I love you guys... that's what the news is!

I slept till like Two pm today. I guess my body really needed it. I have been going and going for the past couple of weeks... and I guess I hit a wall today. It's ok, Im allowed to sleep every once in awhile.

I was actually really busy tonight, after I came home with my brother and his other. I signed in thinking it would be slow and I could get some recordings done, and my journal, but noooo... you guys had other plans for me... now didn't you? It's weird, last week, Monday was hella busy, then Tuesday slow... yesterday I was gone most the day, but when I did sign in, it was pretty dead. Tonight, my phone was on fire... as you can tell in My Phone Sex Tweets I couldn't even update them till I was all caught up... he he.

Tomorrow I am meeting with a couple of TS Girls for the very first time for Coffee around three. It's kinda weird, this part of the country is so much older than most parts, but it surely is stuck in the past. People still make fun of gay people, or have a hard time dealing with them, it's probably the whitest area I have ever lived in, and Transgenders are severly closeted for fear of death... really. Breaks my heart. I'm scared for my brother sometimes, he's out everywhere else but here... I don't even think our neighbors know they are gay. I wish people would just truly get over it, if you paid more attention to whats going on in your own bedroom,rather than others... then everyone over all would be a lot more happier. So I met two TS Girls on New Years eve and one Transgender boy... and I have decided to help them form a support group for themselves. Sadly, there are very few places they can dress and be their real selves... I hope to maybe find at a couple safe places for them. My dance studio isn't one of them, it's not the instructors, but some of the guys that go there. I've ran into two fucktards that I have had to give a piece of my mind cause they were making fun of gay men dancing or saying something off colored. Fuck I hate ignorant people, really I do.

Ok, end rant. I'm really not mad mad, cause I am actively doing something to change perception of gay and transgender people. The more straight people get to know them, the more they realize they are just like everybody else. Good people are good people, no matter who they like to boink. I would like to see our lil group grow, and even help others out their start their own as well. So if you are TS, then drop me a line. Let's see if we can get something sane and safe going in your area as well!

Anyways, I am seeing them for coffee with two of my girlfriends then going over to a friends house before class tomorrow night.So if I take calls, it might just be in the am and after ten pm my time. Kay?

I have been working on this journal entry for hours! It's just taking me forever with all your horn dogs calling..sheesh... KEEP IT UP!

A couple of you guys have been pointing out a lil lady who has been copying my blog, sometimes word for word, and I think it's funny. Don't email her or what not... she's obviously struggling to get callers in, and I think as soon as she reads this entry... she will cease... if not, oh well. I'm sure in the end it will cause her more headache than anything, if she sticks around that long. You know how long bad phone sex operators last in this industry... not very.. hee hee. All she needs to do is be herself, and guys will surely flock to her... go out and live your own life chicka... if it's not interesting now... go out and make it interesting. Then you will have something to blog about!

It's my motto this year... Live Life! As many of you have found out. I love being so active... having fun, learning new things... and I want to push you all to live life a little harder, a little better... get your fun on peoples! It doesn't take a lot if any money to go out and find something fun. I triple dipple dog dare everyone to go out and do something new this month... go do something you have always wanted to do, something you are curious about... something that really gets your rocks off... in a non sexual way... Thats my job, but other than that... Get out there people. I have thrown down... it's all on you now.

Ok, Im delierous with fatigue again... hopefully my typing isn't to horrible. I think I have enough .... in here to sink the titanic... but oh well. I shall talk to you all later!


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