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Ohhh... yeah! Can you feel it? Can you feel the ... uh... hope ... in the air! Ding Dong The Bush is Gone! Woo Hoo... I have NOT stopped partying... I can't help it. I have been on cloud nine for over a week. So excited to move on know that our fate is in capable hands now. Whew! I cried during the swearing in... uh... the first one anyways... and I popped some Balatorie... my new signature drink... loves it, and just haven't stopped celebrating.

I wanted Hilary in, we all know it. I want to see us have a female president some day. I think she would have done an awesome job. I am glad Obama, excuse me... President Obama is in office. I know he will do a wonderful job as I love his agenda... especially the transparent White House... tripple love it... and I have so much hope right now... it's just not even funny.

I know some of you are ... cough... republicans... but it's ok, I still love you, even if you want to hurt me right now, even if it's just a little. I can understand how you are feeling cause I felt it the past eight years. It's ok, Im sure the shoe will be on other foot, but hopefully not for a very,very long time... hee hee.

So anyways, me and my friends have been out almost every night this past week... shaking our bootays... having a grand ol time. This weekend I went to a new ballroom dance place that was just awesome... it was in Concord, so it was a bit of a drive... and it was on this lil main street shopping area, aboversome stores. It had tivoli lighting going up the stairs and was just so retro it wasn't even funny. Floor to ceiling mirrors all around and floor to ceiling windows in the front all lit up. I had a blast... was like stepping into the past a little bit. I boogied my butt off, let me tell you.

I am in looove with Micael Urie... he's on Ugly Betty. I love gay men, which I know he plays a gay man, but I'm not sure if he is in real life or not. Doesn't matter... he's so up my alley it's not even funny. I love him love him, but not love him boink him... well... he is definetly masturbation fodder... cause he is hot... and Im human. Anyways... he has a blog... and does vlogs... and twitters... and well... it's like an inside look to his life and all... and I am addicted already. Anyways.. here it is... you should get addicted to it too... specially all my sissy and bi friends... he's gorge... hubba hubba! I pop up in the comments every once in awhile too...hee hee... Michael Urie's Wonderful Web Page Check him out, fall in love, enjoy his funnies... hee hee. I hope he doesn't mind traffic from this lil phone sex operator... hee hee .

I had fifteen followers on twitter... but two have since dumped me... sniff... apparently they didn't realize that I was into adult erotica... hee hee... anyways... check me out at
Phone Sex Twitter

Well, I am off to go get killed at the gym, Tracey, my new friend who is a fitness coach... said she's gonna help me find a new brutal work out routine... to get me ready for my half mile marathon in hampton beach next month... holy moly, will I be soar tonight!

Talk to you all later!



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