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Punxsutawney Phil v. Phone Sex Diva

Grrr. I am so done with snow... it's not even funny. We got tons of it. It's piled taller than I am at the end of the drive way... and for the next 48 hours... we are going to get dumped on again. I want to kick some groundhog ass right now! Please... just a lil hint of spring right about now would do me some serious good. Hee Hee. It' wouldn't be so bad if I could go play in the snow, but it's like a solid brick of ice on the ground... and you would seriously be taking your life into your own hands if you tried. After this stuff freezes, I may go sculpt something into the large pile at the end of the drive way... just so I don't go friggin bonkers. If I do, I shall take pictures.

Anyways, I've been asked what I want for Valentines by a couple of you guys and I told you I would update my wishlists and stuff... hee hee. Please don't spend a crap load on me, specially in this day and age of people losing thier jobs. Make sure you take care of yourselves first, then you can spoil me... hee hee. Anyways... here is my Friends 2b Made wishlist... I am so addicted... I know, I will never grow up... but I don't want to. They are going out of Buisiness this fall... so I really, really want these before they go... hee hee. You can either send me a gift certificate to my email address... and I will shop from my wishlist... or you can buy me one straight from it and send it to my address. Ill give you my mailing address, you just have to ask for it... hee hee. Phone Sex Cutie Still Plays With Dolls... The Wishlist!

Plus I am still on a build a bear kick... hee hee. The next time I get to go into a store wont be till my Birthday... it's all Ive asked my Brother and the Other for my birthday... hee hee... They are so snuggable... it's not even funny. The buildabears... not my brother and the other... lol... well, I guess they are too... Im sure. My Build A Bear Wishlist! What can I say? They make me happy... I like to snuggle with them at night, and they are all over the house... to drive my brother and the other bonkers... I now have more than my niece... hee hee.

Shipping is 5 dollars per bear/doll... which really isn't that bad. If you can, request that they stuff them firm and not to send the box with them... cause I have tons of the boxes... hee hee. My sweetie in Penn got me one.. that I have been sleeping with every night... hee hee. It's so soft and cuddley... I strip it naked.. so not to ruin wrinkle it's pretty dress... then I strip naked to cuddle with it... It's become a nightly ritual... hee hee. On most days, it's dressed way before I am... hee hee.

I also have my Amazon wishlist updated, you can find that on my phone sex site.. The Wonder Whore under wishlists. And my stockroom wishlist too... hee hee. I put some valentine related items on there as well... hee hee.

As you can tell, I loooove shopping. You really need to see me shop to really appreciate me... I can hang with the pros, let me tell you.

Well, gosh... that put me in a better mood... hee hee. It's a good thing, cause I was seriously gonna have to go after a ground hog for giving us six more weeks of winter... hee hee.

Now I am in an even better mood... cause Mr. Nailz called and he totally worked me over... holy fuck... I'm done for a bit. Seriously... done... I don't think I can even stick my hands near my panties for at least an hour... hee hee.

I shall chat at you soon!



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