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Phone Sex Beach Princess

I have found Hampton Beach. That was probably a big mistake, as I have now lived out a good portion of the summer in itsy bitsy swimwear and am now as tan as tan can be... lol. I know, you are thinking... why is that a big mistake? Well, I can't really work, laying in my beach chair, playing in the ocean... or shopping the typical new england boardwalk. It's seriously heaven for me. The past week I even got a rental on the beach so I could just role out, and plop into the ocean. I think I may buy something out there, just to be closer.

Sorry for being MIA since like last feb, I can't believe it's been that long. I have done a couple calls here and there, with my Penn guy and a few others, and have made money with some recordings I have sold, but I really haven't been full force at it, like I used to be. With my friends wedding, and my brothers wedding... it's just been one busy, busy summer. Now, both of them are done done done... I make a great Maid of Honor... just fyi.... and I can breath... and spend more time on my beach. So, I think I may try to sneak in times for calls here an there for my regulars... but save the nights that I don't go out for working for new callers and what not. If you need me, message or email me... and we can so work something out! lol

Now, back to my beach. All the girls are hot, in teeny tiny bikini's and the men are ok... but most want to get you out of your swimwear and onto their jocks... which isn't as fun as it sounds. Listen to me guys, pick up lines don't work, and in fact... piss me the fuck off. If you want to get a girls attention, ask them questions... lots of questions... cause we all know... girls love talking about themselves. Compliment them, but don't over compliment them... cause it just makes us feel awkward. I swear, if I get another pick up line this summer from some college hunk wanna be... I am so going brittney spears on his ass with my beach umbrella... lol.


Let's see, what else have I been doing this summer? Well, I went to NYC again and took on the museum of modern art, like I did in Boston. I got to see all the greats and was so tickled pink by it... you have no idea. I've also gone back to Salem a couple of times and had a witches hat made especially for me with pink flowers, a white peacock and sparklies... it's just beautiful. I have traveled more in New Hampshire and found more covered bridges and just basically gotten to know NH a little bit better. And Boston, my beloved Boston, so has taken over as the most awesome city. I used to think Seattle rocked, but I gotta give Boston it's cred. There is so much to do... comedy clubs and theater, and just everything imaginable to do here. I love the aquarium, I love the lunch on the patio in the summer. This place just rules. I even found some Southie friends, that I really like... when I can understand them.

My brother and his boyfriend are still spoiling me rotten. I cook and clean and be the domestic pink goddess I am, and they let me shop on thier dime here and there as payment. I have so many of the maxi dresses, and beach cover ups, that they have become my uniform this summer. Even when I know I'm not going to swim, I pop in a bikini and cover up... just cause it keeps me cool. I feel like a princess in my maxi dress (the long dresses that go to the floor, kinda hippy dippy, but pull off easy with just a little tug... lol)

For those who care, right now I am wearing a black goddess bikini, and a black maxi dress with bronze flips on my feet. My sisters came up for a couple weeks for my bro's wedding, and got me turned back onto manicures and pedicures... so my nails are all nicely done in the perfect shade of pink. My hair, sunkissed like I love it, is in a french twist, with a pink flower on a comb holding it in place. Like I said earlier, I am tan as can be and smell slightly of coconut oil... lol.

I seriously love that beach, I have dreams of it, I hear it when I am not there... all I need to do is find a way to diddle and do calls, and it would be the perfect place.

I feel like a princess right now, and I am so peaceful and happy. The best thing I ever did, is to move from Seattle to here. I feel like I belong here... Anyways, I hope you all are enjoying your summer... make sure you get out and have some fun. Remember, even if you don't swim... you should go to the beaches and just girl watch... it's what Im doing... hee hee.



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