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Perky Phone Sex Girl v. Shark Week

Shark week wins.

Those who know me, know that I am seriously scared of sharks. Like, pass out dead if I ever came across one in the wild. I get goosebumps when I watch shark stuff on tv, and every year, after shark week... I have nightmares of getting eatten by a great white. I can't help myself, I have to watch... even though I know sometimes it takes me months to get back to normal.

So, this explains the reason why said perky phone sex girl is awake at 530 am, only after going to bed at 230 am.

Then, while laying awake trying not to think of sharks... I think I hear people in the house. Now, I know there are no people in the house, as we have security out the ass, but that does not keep my mind from thinking I am about to be attacked at any moment.

I would go jump in bed with my brother and the other, but they put a kabosh to that the last time I woke up thinking someone was in the house. Sneaky fuckers put a lock on their door.

So, I sit here, awake... eyes wide open, trying to calm myself by posting a journal entry.... not working, cause every creak of the house sounds like a foot step. Boo and Wills are right by my side, but they weigh a combined total of 21 lbs between the two of them... and the only damage I can they can do, is if I pick them up and throw them at the feared intruder or intruders.

I shall change the subject, maybe that might help me.

So, I only have two more quarters of my college before I graduate, two quarters ahead of everybody else. Then I will have six months to get my act together and save as much money as I can so I can go to Boston U. Its going to be fucking pricey as hell, as I am considered an out of state student... only living fourty miles away from the school. So, know this... not only are you getting off when you call me, you are putting your favorite fucktoy through college.

I know some of you are afraid that I will quit, once I get a career. Fear not, I may slow down, or be on leave from it from time to time, but we all know marine biologist make diddly squat, so your little princess isn't going to be going anywhere anytime soon. I may put up a schedule, as I will be trying to accelerate through a four year university, like I did my two year... so my school loads will be heavy. But I promise I will make time for all you guys.

I missed Mr. Seattle today... haven't talked to him in forever... and I missed him by like twenty minutes... fuck me. I have missed him. His voice is so dreamy... I almost called him back... but I never know if one of his many girlfriends might be around, or checking his call log or what not... so I played it safe. So, mr. seattle, call me back please.

Im still spending a fair amount of time at the beach... but haven't gone since Saturday... was a little too busy for my sun bathing pleasure. Looks like this saturday, the boys and I are heading out on a twelve mile hike to the top of some mountain I can't pronounce...and when I do try to say it, the boys snicker at me. I haven't done a hike that long, so wish me luck... or wish the boys luck, as they may have to carry me back off the mountain. Not unlike when I have to carry willow when I take her too far on a trip, and she just quits on me, and I have to lug the often wet lil pooch back home.

Ok, Im tired again. No more wierd noises. I am tired, naked, and wanting at least some sleep.

Come snuggle me,



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