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I come back to terrorize y'alls neighborhood. Ok, so I am probably still a little, smidge really, drunk from last night. I partied my ass off.Ended up wearing my pink silky dress I made to match my new Betsey Johnson Earrings. I looked damn hot, well, cause my nipples sported some major stiffness through the hole night... lol. Silk just does that to me.It feels like you are naked in a hole crowed of people... lol.

This past year was amazing. New callers, new friends, wonderful old friends and callers, all combined. I am truly, truly blessed. Not really blessed, as damn awesome... hee hee.I looove my job, and I so love the path my life is going down right now. I almost have my two year degree... for those keeping track, it only took me a year and a half, as I rule. With me taking one quarter off to have fun this summer. I am so gonna take BU by storm next fall, and then your little phone sex cutie... will be a SCIENTIST, well, after much money, studying and ass kissing ...lol. I am going all the way, someday soon I will be Dr. Brigitte.

I am just so excited to be graduating in June. I know it's dorky to walk at just a two year college, but fuck me, have I earned this diploma... hands down. Straight A student... thank you very much.

My voice was my ticket this year, getting me further along my dreams than I could have ever hoped for. I hope to get more work in the coming year and hope to expand to different languages as I go. Rossetta Stone anyone. I know, I'm cryptic, but most of you know what I am talking about anyways and why I keep things under raps.

This past year. I fell in love. Sigh... hee hee... with Betsey Johnson. She defines my style down to a t. Sadly, I do not have one of her dresses yet, as they are 300-500 dollars, and I have not perfected Financial Domination Phone Sex to a t yet. So no sugar daddy for me... boo. I didn't have the time this past year, to put into a full fledged money slave. Maybe this year I will find the puppet to play with... hee hee.

My brother got married this past year, and as of today, it will be official in New Hampshire... yeah gay marriage. He's so in love with the other, people need to realize that two people should marry if they are that in love. Yeah for them! Now they are off baby making with a surrogate. I will eventually have to give up my pink room for the pitter patter of lil feet, and move back into the ucky basement. But it's only temp, as they will be getting a bigger house and I will buy this one. I already have a full remodel in store for it.. to include an in ground pool. This is all contingent on me raking in the big bucks this year in my continued quest to rule the world. Steps are in motion, but damn, who knew it would be this difficult.

If I work hard, and figure out a way to mix school and work, I should be heading to Italy this year. My friends already have hotels booked, I just have to come up with the spending money and airline ticket. It's a full on assault on Italy with a side trip to Greece. A dream come true. Just got to sock some money away, cause goodness knows, I don't want to even attempt it with little spending money. I want to shop!

I have big things planned this year. But instead of talking about them, I will just show you what this fully operation phone sex wonder whore is capable of. We are talking BIG! I have been working on things all winter break and can't wait to show off my hard work.

I go back to school next week, but my class load is light. I'll be heading to portsmouth over Valentine weekend for yet another wedding and then, cross your fingers... another wedding the first week of March. I get to be the MOH in that one. Small affair in Florida. Will be a heaven sent break from all this snow... blghh.

I have now become a morning person, thanks to my friends who have dragged my ass out of bed at the butt crack of dawn for the past six month. They are helping me train to become a marathon runner. I am not gonna qualify for this years Boston race, but I hope to hit some up this summer and then next year just take the marathons by storm. My body has never been this good in shape. It's good, but it sucks... cause I have to eat good to maintain it. Oh chocolate, how I miss thee. Somebody smuggled me in some cookies and chocolate from Penn... that the diet patrol missed... hee hee. Or I am sure I would be boooooonkers by now without it. Kiss!

Send me your Birthdays so I can send Birthday cards party peeps. I know some of you can't, but a good portion of you can get some Briggie lovin.

Ok, now I check my journal update off my to do list. I got a lot to do today, this year really, and as we all know... there is absolutely no rest for the wicked.

Have a "wicked" awesome new year!



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