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I Tweet all day long!

Tweet is what you call an update on Twitter. I am seriously addicted... all my calls... cept maybe three of them... have gone up on the site. These are real calls... and I have been pretty good at keeping them up to the minute. All you have to do is check my twitter page or refresh my wonderwhore page after your call to see it... hee hee. Lots of fun... incase you don't have it... here is the link to My phone sex Twitter Page Please join... so I can follow you too... it's lots of fun! If you need help setting up an account... I will be more than glad to help you.

The google gods have blessed me, I stopped looking months ago to see if I showed up under key search words... at all.. and I got a wild hair up my butt early this morning and checked it out... I am now listing.. woo hoo. I thought maybe I had pissed them off. I guess I really don't need them right now anyways... I've hit the mother load with my advertising and can barely keep up with the calls I get lately. Woo Hoo!

Also, I am hiring girls... taking them on and training them to the tww way of phone sex, so if you know any chicas that want to step into my world, send them myway. Just have them email thewonderwhore@gmail.com with Job in the title. My training manual is almost complete and will be going out to some of my friends to edit hopefull this week. Then I will put it up on lulu or something like that.

Also, keep cheking my website for updates. I have been working as hard as I can in between calls to get things done. I got the specials up and the twitter, now working on my membership page, recordings, dictionary, and favorites... plus putting up your reviews.

I am gonna go see Bedtime Stories tonight after I make the boys dinner. We wanted to see it yesterday, but it was sold out... so we are going to a late show of it tonight! A really late show probably. Ill sign back in after... check my twitter page to see when I leave and when I will be back on for calls!


So, I thought I was going to kiss a gay boy, instead... kissed a girl. I know... you guys are thinking this is some cheap ploy to get you interested, making up some bicurious ficticious story to real you in like so many girls out there do...but noooo.... I kissed a girl and I liked it... she wasn't wearing cherry chapstick tho... sigh. Her name was Brooke, and the thought of her touching me gets my panties wet, even now. She was a friend of a friend we ended up meeting at a gay party down in Cambridge... she's definately not straight, but I don't know if shes les or bi or what. We hit it off like gang busters... she's petite like me, jet black hair with a pink streak in her bangs... baby blue eyes and porcelaine white skin. My brother, infront of her and her friends, blurted out that I should kiss her on the stroke of midnight... and I did... or she kissed me, I should say... I think my lips went all wonky cause she wrapped her arms around me so tight I thought I was going to faint... and we kissed, and we kissed... and she...uhh....touched my tits... over the clothes of course... buy none the less... I GOT GROPED!

After that we were like best friends... we all went out to Dennys and coffee camped and talked till the wee hours of the morning... All ten of us took up all the tables and chairs... and we just had fun... sobering up... I love Balatorie by the way... woo hoo... I made it through three glasses!

Anyways, my masturbation fantasy needs are all set for today, thank you very much! I just keep thinking bout her... and bam, hands in panties... so probably no phone calls today... if that's ok? I'm keeping her to myself, then Ill share.

One last thing... when I told her I was a phone sex operator... she said... right on, that rocks hard core.... does that not sound familiar? I say that all the time... Sweet!

My twiiter updates are now on the front page of my website... woo hoo... or you can always go to... My Twitter Phone Sex page to get all my updates... since only the last three are supported on my website.

Also, the new specials for the month of January are now uploaded... you are welcome... hee hee.

Well, I am off to go have more fun, no... not with Brooke, but with my friends... gonna go see a movie then go hang out and have some fun!

Oh yeah... and HAPPY 2009! 19 more days till Bushy is gone! Woo Hoo!
Click on pictures to make bigger...

Holy crapola... what a month. I can't believe Christmas is over, let alone 2008. It was probably one of the best years of my life! I rocked it in with a bang, dancing my butt off and drinking myself under the table with two glasses of bubbly and never stopped having fun. I have been to DisneyWorld, SeaWorld, Vegas, Main, Road Island, Boston several times and topped it off with a Trip to NYC this month! I have learned to speak Italian, Cha Cha, Waltz, Rhumba, Salsa, Samba, and Ski. I read more books than ever this year. I created a wonderful site and met many more wonderful men as well as kept in touch with all my dear favorites. I have met some life long friends that trust and care for. I did things personally I never thought I would do, I'm creating a life I have always wanted, and I can say this... I am happy. I know, that I will be truly blessed if 2009 is only half as good as 2008 is.

Tonight I am gonna hang with friends at a club, and other places round town... and tomorrow I am spending it with some other friends... if I am sober enough... lol. I am trying to be around as much as possible right now, cause I know a lot of you miss me. With college, and trips, and other classes, and friends... I have been totally mia... I am truly working on finding the right times to play and work and then play some more.

A couple weeks ago, I got to go to NYC for the weekend. It was my aunts Christmas present to me, as she and her family met me and the boys there. We got this awesome suite, upgraded for free, that was on the corner of the Millenium Hilton. We could see everything from our room... the statue of liberty, the world trade center, the empire state building... from our floor, you had an awesome view of the brooklynne bridge. Here are a couple views from the room...

I also got the build a bear package at the hotel, which gave me a gift card, box that turned into a bed for my build a bear, with blanket, pillow, tshirt, and bathroom kist. no... It rocked hard core. I got to go to the largest b.a.b. in the world... on fifth avenue and shop with the gc and the gc's mr.handsome and nonono sent me for Christmas. I am extremely addicted to Build a Bears, get me one.. and see just how thankful I can be. Get me one that is special to your state... then I will be even more thankful! pssst...free calls.

I love everything about NYC... the subways weren't bad at all... not even the least bit crowded. The city is just so alive. I loved being a tourist, seeing a lil of Central Park and the angel at Bethesda Square... I got there just a lil too late for the Central Park Zoo, but I can see that on the way back. I got to go to Tiffanys on Fith Ave, aka the Mother Ship, see all the store windows all dressed up for the holidays. I went to Micky Mantels for lunch, and to the Museum of Natural History where I only could see not even 1/3rd of it, because of a time crunch. Everything else, from stupid tourist confusing the chrysler building with the empire state building, to times square, radio city music hall, and Rockerfeller Plaza. I didn't have time or the money for shows... but again, NYC is so close, I drove to it.. and Drove in it... that I am sure in the next couple of months, I will be making my way back down for more NYC goodness. Here are some of the things I got to see.

The first two are windows at Tiffany's... The last one is one on fifth ave, I forgot.

Times Square...

Across the street from Radio City Music Hall...

Central Park

Rockerfeller Center

Museum of Natural History

I so can't wait to go back!

The weather here has been most awful. The week I got back from NYC... Ice Storm, nocked the power out for almost a week, some people didn't have it up untill Christmas. It was a beautiful storm, but man, by the time it was done... I was sick as a dog from sleeping in a house with no heat, and inhaling candle smoke. But you know what, it was kinda fun. We played games, went shopping, wrapped presents, went to movies, and I was just about to torment my Brother and the other with Dirty Hand Puppets when the power sprang back on. The gods must be looking over them... hee hee. Then we got hit by a snow storm, snowed us in.. seriously... lots of snow, no driving... caged Brigitte not cool. Between that and the ice storm, it put me behind with my Holiday Festivities. Then yesterday... Bam, windstorm... o power again. Thankfully... it was only out for a couple hours. Right now we are getting more store, keeping me from shopping, but it want keep me from partying tonight... oh no it wont... Im gonna get my drink on. I already have my hair done for tonights festities and base makeup. Just need tights, jewely and sexy black dress... and I am good to go. My friends are driving... so Ill be toasting in the New Years by getting ... Toasted!

I won't be out too late, may even take some calls... wonder who will be my first call of the new year. I might even dare I say... kiss some boys tonight??? More than likely a couple of gay boys... but hey, it works.

I should be out for most of the day tomorrow. I am going out with kitten and her other... probably play games at their house, then dinner and a movie at chunkys... crap, if its open. Ill more than likely be taking calls tomorrow night late.

We had a wonderful Christmas Party before Christmas. I actually cooked a magnificent Mexican Holiday Meal, my brother made home made salsa... and the other made sweet potatoe pie... with lots of snacks, booze, and gifts with our friends. Our house was packed out, both floors... people dancing, playing the wii, making merry, and what not. I can't wait to do it again next year.

My brother and the other, tormented me this Christmas, not letting me snoop, wrapping presents in the shapes so I would know what they were, but couldn't have. Spoiling me rotten as well, lol. I also go spoiled rooten from you guys... Snoop sent me a very special Winter bear.. way to cute and snuggly. My sweetheart sent me the bridget bobble head and bubble bath... woo hoo... that glows in the dar! Yes it really does glow and it makes me smell all yummy! I got a nintendo ds and tons of games from my pookie, and the idiot sent me a flat screen tv for my office... so I can watch tv and work... aka watch porn with him in hi def... I got a two disney Jim Shores for NFLMan, tink on a flower and grumpy. I got jlo glow from MiamiMan. And Tiffany's from TGOT... aka The giver of Tiffanys... hee hee. Lil blue box gets rubbed all over my nipples... let me tell you. I keep gettin spoiled like this and I will need my own victorian 8 bedroom house for all of it... hee hee. Here are pictures of my Christmas Tree and Loot from my family. Everybody elses presents got put under pink tree, which i don't have a picture of. I do have a picture of the pink tree, but its on the camera still.

See how they tormented me... that's my lil purse all wrapped up so I knew it was a purse, but not which one. It's on my bab santa... the one I got after turkey day. Plus the penquin from NYC.

Make sure you are checking on my Twitter, it's tamed down and open for everyone to view since some of you were having a hard time. Im thewonderwhore on www.twitter.com You can look in the previous entry for the link.

So, what do I have planned for this year. Lots and Lots. My dancing is getting better and better, so I will be competing... I have been sewing my dress... and I got a bejeweler and beads for Christmas, in a round a bout way, so it will be sparkly and professional looking. More college, Im gonna slow down for the next couple of semesters... till I get a balance, but will catch up in 2010 so I can go to BU. I have tons planned for wonderwhore, as well as finally finishing some other projects. In November, I'm going to Italy! Other than more trips to NYC,Boston and finally getting to Vermont... that's all the travel I have planned... oh yeah, another trip to Vegas in the Spring for my Brothers Bach Parties. I just want to keep this happy ball rolling, you know? Living life is awesome! We only got this one.

I double dog dare everyone of you to do something you have always wanted to do, but never had... whether it be traveling, a class, meeting new people, getting a hooker for kinky sex, or just whatever you want... I dare you to do it, be safe about it, but just do it. Only you can make you happy... so go out into that big beautiful world and find your joy!

Ok... that was my oprah momment, not that Im dorky enough to watch oprah or anything.

I think that's it... all caught up... hopefully it will take you considerably less time to read this, than it did for me to write it.

Happy New Years My Friends. Blow me a kiss at Midnight will ya?

Brigitte Your Phone Sex Princess!


Wild Ride for This Phone Sex Princess...

The past couple of weeks have been a haze... is Christmas really over? Between ice storms/snow storms/ and wind stormes... I am begining to think someone is out to get me... hee hee.

Anyways... I got spoiled royally for Christmas... hee hee... and willl tell you all about it when I get a chance. Right now you can see all my progress and when I am in or out... on twitter... yes... that's right, your girl has a twitter account and its just totally awesome. I am trying to keep all my calls up to date up on them, as I do them, I only get behind when I have like three lined up in a roll... You have to have an account to look at mine... but they are easy to set up. Click here... My phone sex twitter page They are so easy to use, I have no idea why I haven't before... they so rock! Anyways... I am off to get some yummys in my tummy... Ill be back later... and will have an update then!

Grrr Ice Storms....

It's been a fun past couple of days... being without power. I have been so excited we haven't had any snow yet, that this ice storm came creeping in on me and ruined all my fun. Im kinda sick right now from not having heat so be patient with me.

My life this past month has been so awesome, other than having to keep warm by candle light and lots of blankets and layers...but it will have to wait till a later post to share it... since I don't have much time right now. I promise really long update when I get back online and well again.


I love my Phone Sex life!

I am having way to much fun for any one phone sex operator. Let me tell you... I have said it before and I will say it again. I love my job! It rocks hard core. Not only do I get to talk to people from all over the WORLD, but I get to know all of your intimate secrets and desires. I have made some totally awesome friends from my calls, most I will keep for the rest of my life. I wake up each morning and can't wait to get to the phone lines... I know, you all are jealous... my job rocks!

Mircales do happen... we made it through November without any SNOW! As soon as it was the 1st of December, this lil phone sex princess was doing the happy dance. They say it's gonna snow on Sunday, but I am holding out hope that we won't get snow till right before Christmas. The countdown is on! Day two... no snow. Woo Hoo

I had the most awesome Thanksgiving... just one of the best ones ever. I am so excited for Christmas. We are all decorated in the house... hopefully Ill have some pictures soon to show you. I have also been taking pictures of my build a bears, cause I know some of you are curious. I am going to put the ones up that you guys sent me too... hee hee. My build a bear crew... lol.

Kitten and I went and did the black friday thing before our families dinner. Was a total hoot, she totally is my partner in crime. I ended up buying me more stuff than everybody else. I am almost completely done Christmas shopping. I would be done buy the stuff I was gonna get off amazon wont be here in time for me to mail it to my family... grr grr. So I have one more person to shop for... but I know what I am getting. Thank goodness for gift certificates... lol.

I went to Build a Bear on Friday after the dinner and got.. uh... um... yeah... three build a bears... I know, Imma addict. I got the turkey from thanksgiving... lol... they didn't have the pilgrim outfit anymore, so I got it a top hat... I also got the reindeer... both of them... lol. The boy is dressed as santa and the girl as mrs clause.

I have been so busy lately, both with calls and classes and what not... it's crazy how fast paced my life is. And whats even more awesome is that I will be in New York City this weekend... oh yeah. Friday and Saturday I will be there to partake in some holiday festivities... Central Park, Rockerfeller Center, 5th ave, and the Natural History Museum. And... the biggest Build a Bear in the world is on fifth avenue... so of coarse I am going there. If you want to support my habbit or send me an early christmas present... you can send me an e gc that I can use on there... woo hoo... just go here... Feed My Addiction I am so bad!

Well, I have yet again been writing this journal for about three hours... so I best publish it and get on with what work I need to get done before I go to NYC!

I sound like a toad. A very sexy toad. Today rocked... as it has never rocked before. I guess you guys really, really miss me. I actually quit taking calls about two hours ago, I didn't go to class again tonight, cause my voice is toast. I figured if I wanted hot phone sex for the rest of the week, I had better take care of my voice. I have that prepubescent boy thing going on right about now. You all said I sounded super hot today... but I thought I sounded like a deflating blow up doll. lol!

I want to do a scroll of all my kinky fetish phone sex calls on my front page, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet. Maybe I will smoogie my brother into figuring it out...if not maybe his boyfriend will. I really should be taking classes on building websites, but my plate is so full right now, it's not even funny. I really like having a life... lol. Thanksgiving I don't really have plans the day of, so I will be available for calls for most of it... but Friday and Saturday I will be booked. Friday I am celebrating Thanksgivings with Ken Dolls Family... they are a hoot... and then Saturday we are having a big party here with out friends. I am in charge of making the Cherry Cheesecake... nooo... Im not buying one... Im actually making it... from box... hee hee. Jello makes an excellent mix that I have mastered and it is going to rock the house!

I didn't get the tree up last night, so hopefully I will do it tonight... my pink tree... Thursday we are putting up the big tree... Ill try to get pictures of both. I already have a Christmas present on it's way to put under the pink tree...evil bastard sent it to me early to torment me longer. Won't tell me what's in it and forbid me to open it... how cruel is he? sheesh I'm gonna be a good girl, I promise. It won't be easy... grrr.

Been doing a lot of Vegas style role plays... like Imma hooker, or I lose all my money... stuff like that. Been doing phone sex fantasies that include Brenda... hubba hubba... you guys haven't even seen her and already like her as much as I do. I'm seriously craving some hardcore hold me down and fuck me scenerios as well... I betcha I get them like pretty soon.. hee hee. Isn't role play phone sex the best???

I have so much to do tomorrow... it's not even funny. I got tons of work that needs to be completed, on top of getting the house ready for the party, masturbating in my pink panties to mail off to the gentleman who paid me two hundred dollars to do so, being here for the man who's gonna blow my pipes... apparently you have to do it before it freezes or the water will build up and blow them for you... go figure. I also have to go to class tomorrow night... so I don't completely blow them off this weekend. I can't wait to decorate the house... it's gonna rock hard core. I have been making decorations for months... you know how craft I can be. I made wreaths last year, this year I just made like garland and stuff. I super duper love Christmas!

I may have got someone in trouble today. If your area code is 352, or your gf/wifes cell is 352.. then she called me and got all buck with me. I didn't tell her I was a phone sex operator...when she asked what kind of business I was, I told her that if she didn't know that, then she obviously has the wrong number...

Guys, you have to be careful with your Phone Sex calls with me. Erase me from your call logs after you do calls with me and hide your bills if you can for your cell phones... I try to hide it as much as possible, if wives have called in the past I say I am either a jewelers or a florist... but this one was really kinda mean, so I as mean back. I don't believe that having phone sex with me is cheating, Imma way to blow off steam... you don't touch me, I don't touch you... I just stimulate your mind a bit. But some women are pycho when it comes to anything sexual... which is sad... I love it when wives and girlfriends join in on our calls... so freaking hot.

Anyways... Im hopin to do one last Phone Sex call with my hot gambler guy before I go off to bed... hopefully he can call... I need a hard core fucking... I just hope I don't kill my voice totally... cause he tends to make me scream like the whore I am... he he.

I shall chat at you soon!

Phone Sex Hottie v. Las Vegas Strip

I won! Hands down, This Phone Sex princess is way naughtier than the Las Vegas strip. There may be topless girls in shows and girls dancing on tables to lure horn dogs into the casion's on every street corner, but it is nothing compared to the sexiness that is Brigitte Kelly... hee hee. That's cause, I am THE WONDER WHORE... insert cheesy super slut music here.

I had every intention of doing naughty Phone Sex in the room in Vegas, but my cell phone got no reception, none of the rooms did... which I think is illegal to have a block on it... but who knows. So, I only had porn and my imagination to keep me wet ALL WEEK LONG. Which means... I am not just playful right now, I am hyper horny... like super duper, fuck me now kinda horny. Like rip off my panties and pound me till I hurt horny. Get the point? Got it? Good! Now come and get me and let the fucking Phone Sex begin!

I did meet with the people I told you about and tho I do wish that I could tell you what is going on, I really can't yet. I have to go get me a lawyer to look over things and make sure I'm doing the right thing and who know's how long it's going to take, but the good news is I can start doing my interent radio show again as well as put up my comic strip. Both were holding off to see what was going to happen, but I got the green light... more cause they don't want people to lose interest in me... which is cool. I have lots of work to get done... lots and lots... I so need a clone of me. But I fear that if I ever did have a clone of me, I would just drop every thing and have sex with myself... and nothing would get done... also the reason I don't have a real doll of me... if I did, you guys probably wouldn't hear from me in like freaking forever.

Ok, so I started writing this journal a couple hours ago... and I have pleasantly been disrupted by calls... woo hoo! Mostly me dominating my fi-guys (financial domination) two to be exact. I got skillz, let me tell you. I should have dominated them before going to vegas... I could have used their wallets hard core... lol. There is a betty page store on the strip that I got one dress from... but could have dropped a cool grand shopping there if I had it. Lots of cool vintage dresses that I would love to have. The one I got is a 1950 sex kitten dress, falls on my shoulders and when I wear my water bra, a miracle happens... I have CLEAVAGE!

I could seriously spend mad cash there, with all the malls...man oh man. The miracle mile mall was cool, they had a build a bear there... and yes... I got the white tiger... you can only get it on the strip... and dressed it up as a show girl... pink and black... The build a bear is awesome there... love the cute lil gay boys working there! They rocked hard core! There is also a coyote that is only for Nevada and some of the other desert states that I want really bad... as well as the elvis outfit that you can only get on the strip. I hope to get it when I go back in May. They also tell me that there is an orca down in Orlando... that I don't have, but want like massively bad. If you are in orlando, or near orlando, or going to Orlando... and you get me the orca dressed in anything pink... I will give you an hour and a half call! Seriously... I want it bad. Actually, if you send me a completely dressed build a bear... panties and shoes too... I will give you the same deal. Send me the animal that is for your state... you have to ask... like mass is a lobster that I don't have yet. I know, Ill never grow up... but you know what? I don't have to! Send me the orca, and Ill throw in something special... lol.

I also got to see shows while I was there, but I will talk more about that with my Phone Sexradio show coming up. One was "Crazy Girls" which was way hot... and Im in love with Brenda... I've had Brenda ridden dreams since I watched her gyrate her hips and dance like it was no bodies business... oh man. She's got long blonde hair... I think, and a waist... seriously, it goes in at her waiste line and then out for her nicely formed hips and ass. I could watch her all day long! I wish I could find her online... that would rock, but I guess I will just have to go back to vegas to watch her perform again... oh brenda... sigh. The hotel they are in needs serious work, and I want to start a petition for them to bronze their fronts now... but the show... way awesome, way erotic, too much fun. Sit in the booth seats... mine was at the end of the catwalk... best seats in the house... hubba hubba.

Got my Christmas shopping almost done... lil things here and there... and I am good to go. I plan on sending out Christmas cards the day after Thanksgiving... so please, if you want a Christmas card, make sure you let me know... I won't send them out to you unless I have permission. Just email your Phone Sex delinquent at thewonderwhore@gmail.com and I'll be all over it!

I got a pink Christmas tree, I am going to set it up tonight in my pink bedroom. My presents from my family will be put under the big tree in the living room. But any gifts from you, I will wrap, if they aren't already wrapped, in pink paper and stick them under the Christmas tree. If you send me a gift this year, and you don't want to wrap it... Ill just wrap it in the box sent it in... and stick it under the tree. Ill take pictures... hee hee... and post them in my blog... Oh, and because I love presents so much, anybody that sends a gift, gets a twenty minute free call with each gift they send... hee hee. I know, I know... I'm bribing for presents... but actually, it will be my gift back to you... hee hee. What better present than getting a hot Phone Sex Call in your stocking!

What do I want for Christmas?

1.Jim shore statues... Disney or Rudolp or the birds ones, or the orca
2.Multi hour long Phone Sex calls from you guys... way hot.
3.Build a bears!!!
4.Gift Certificates... VISA (the ones you get at the quickie stops) Target, Hilton Hotel, Betsy Johnson, MAC, Build a Bear, you guys know me...
5. Gifts relating to the area where you live... like hershy penn, chocolate... Miami... beach related stuff... etc.
6. Pay my bills... hee hee...
7. Send me a Christmas card
8. Make something for me.
9. Gift basket... have one made, or make it for me.
10. Your love! hee hee

So, willow likes to eat cat food. It's horrible for her hair, I have put the catfood far out of her reach, but she has a way of finding it. So, her hair is this horrible texture right now that gets matted up... and before I left, I had to cut most her hair off to get the mats that formed after I bathed her. I should have brushed her out before... but it was impossible. So, now I have to go find some outfits that will not only keep her warm... it's like in the twenties right now... but are also stylish.. hee hee. They have to have a whole in the back so I can hook the leash on her harness.

Well, it's taken me now almost seven hours to write this phone sex journal... woo hoo! You guys really miss me while I'm gone, eh? Well, I do have someone you can call if you can't get a hold of me now. I haven't talked to her or done a call with her, so if you do, let me know how she is... she sure sounds cute to me... but you can call... http://calldaddysgirlphonesex.com/

I am suppose to be at class tonight, but I don't feel like going. I think Im to... uh... excited... wet... horny... to concentrate on class... so I should be here most of the night! I hope to hear from you guys soon! Message me, call me... fuck the living daylights out of your Fetish Phone Sex princess!

Busy, Busy Phone Sex Princess

Whoah... Life is good, is it not? I mean... whoah! The past couple of weeks have just been a blur for me. Between school, dance classes and then the whole election thingy.... whoah. I am so sorry I wasn't here for you guy's every beck and call. I missed so many calls, it's not even funny. When I would get home, I tried to take as many as I could without wearing myself out totally, lol. Still, I did not get to them all.

The thing is, for a bit, I don't have a single day where I will be available ALL DAY for calls... like I used to be. I have found that happy medium between being the best Phone Sex operator out there and having an actual life. It's really paid off in my calls too... with the role play fantasies, I have been coming up with tons more ideas. Plus guys, I am happier, so I hope you are happier too... but fear not... I will not leave you totally hanging and the giving cold calls in the dark will cease. I have my google calendar updated with where I will be on a daily basis. I need to figure out if the times are all in my time zone or if they automatically switch to yours... lol.

My Calendar

Believe it or not, I am a lot more available than what I was... I was getting called into volunteer six to ten hours a day... so that left little time for this hot little Phone Sex Co-ed to play. Ill have a link up on the website so it's easy to access.

So... let me just say this... deep breath out.... YES! Thank you everybody who voted and for all who voted for Obama. I think he will be an awesome President, I read tons on him, and then found out some things that weren't ready available for me, like his participation in getting us to help Darfur... that was the deal cincher... and immediately started helping as much as I could. I think he is a great man, and will do great things. I think he can fix what Bushy has done... Less than two and a half months... and Bushmiester is out of the office... I say it again... YES!

I should be working really hard to get back on track with the Phone Sex Websites over the next couple of weeks... so keep checking back. My upcoming phone sex events should be updated tonight.

Thanks for being so patient with me lately... just proves to me that you will always love this Phone Sex hottie!

Talk to you Soon!

The Wonder Whore

Vegas Bound Phone Sex Princess

Yeah, like next month I shall be on the strip... with a pocket full of quarters and a drink in hand... having a blast. I know, I just had a vacation back in April, but man, it feels like I need another one. This will only be like a four day trip, my longest in Vegas. I haven't been for like four years, so I am super excited. I love Vegas, it's my kind of town. Open 24 hours and full of naughtiness.

I am meeting up with some people for my phone sex radio show... so this lil phone sexdiva isn't paying squat for the trip? That's right... I only have to come up with food and spending money. Every time I have been to Vegas, I haven't had that much cash, so you bet your ass, I will be tearing up the phone sex lines... lol.

Like I haven't been since my last post... oh man, I should have known better... apparently a lot of republicans want to bang Palin... my phone sex offer to portray palin... got me in a little hot water and even got me on the radio... lol. All good for business... lol. By the way, you betcha, the Sarah Palin Phone Sex offer is still on the table, least till the elections anyways... lol.

The past couple of weeks have been busy as heck, so busy that I kinda took the weekend off... only doing a couple of calls here and there. I hadn't had girl time with my friends since before I got sick, but we made up for it this weekend... oh holy moly, did we. I like pumpkin pie mudslides from unos... and that's all I am gonna say... apparently, it only takes one mudslide for me to take the dare to leave my panties as a tip for the cute waiter. I am so blaming it on the mudslide... hee hee.

So, my Bronco's play the Patriots tomorrow. Everybody root for the Broncos... please please please... if they win, I get one of my Jim Shore statues off my wishlist... I have four of them now... I don't know why I like them, I just do. Especially the Disney ones. I am just a lil girl at heart... huh? Anyways, if the Bronco's win, I also get bragging rights... if they lose, Ill be making a trip to Woburn to stalk an employee there... man, if I knew what his car look liked, Id tp it... hee hee. Maybe put... I heart the Broncos on the windshield... for making me bet!

Ok, here's the deal... if I do seven journals in seven days, then the following week... then the following Thursday... you can have a Five dollar Quikie with me. Five bucks/Five Minutes... hee hee. Just remind me to update, cause it sucks that I haven't been keeping you up on my phone sex spectacular life time. Did I get phone sex enough in this journal? How bout... kinky phone sex and taboo phone sex, I know I got princess phone sex, I always get princess phone sex in my blogs... I am silly, huh? I probably just keyworded myself out of any search engine right there... lol!

Ok, I woke up and couldn't sleep, so I thought I would blog... so there, I blogged... and now I am sleepy again... so off to bed I go!



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