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Phone Sex Whore Rocks My Hips Like Yeah

Yes, I just quoted a Miley Cyrus song, lol. That song is so catchy... I rock my hips like yeah all the time... lol. Ok, Matt, too much? hee hee

So, I have accomplished A LOT since we last chatted. New merchant account in full effect and making my life so much more easy, and profitable. If you come through phone sex central, central will keep you in it's frames, so you actually have to type my url into the browser then go to purchase, which is a HUGE pain in the ass and lost like four callers before I figured that little gem out. So, if you see phone sex central at the top of my purchase page, you know what to do. Or it gives you some bullshit bout frames or parameters. It's some sort of fraud prevention.

Got two new girls hired for another site, in process of training them... my way. Not a carbon copy of me, but you know... to be personable and fun, let their real personalities shine through. So much fun!

Rebuilt an old site, hope to launch it this Saturday. Ill post the link when it's all taken care of. If you do calls from there, even though they aren't done by me, I still get paid... it's my site! Woo Hoo! I encourage you to cheat on me, lol.

What else have I done? Ughh... butterflies. I said I would give a lecture on being a phone sex operator to some peeps, and they took me up on it, and right now, it looks to be like 30-40 people showing up for it. I did a run through yesterday with the head honcho, and I ran long like by 15 minutes, but they said it was cool, cause I have the hall for three hours, so I can not only run really long, but meet with peeps after wards. I am super nervous, but I know my shit.

It's basically just women wanting to learn to be more erotic, how to tease, stuff like that. I am covering the bases though, from role plays to exploring fetishes. Telling women, if you indulge in a mans fantasy, not only will it put me out of business, but then men will be more willing to explore yours as well. Not rocket science, I know. But some women think sex is just laying there... and that's not right.

Also am hoping to snag a few new hires for my sites... some hotties which a bad case of the naughties... oh yea!

School is in full swing, well, as full of swing when your classes aren't booked so crazy like they were last quarter. College tried to say some credits didn't transfer from my last college, after they said they would... and I put them in a beat down. So, as of right now, I am still on track for rockin the graduation ceremony in June.

I also got snoopy to get a twitter account so he could follow me, and I can torment him. I am patiently waiting for his first tweet... well, not so patiently.

Wonder if I can get Joe to get one too? hmmm I know he reads me all the time.. but is he following me?

Make sure you are checking my specials on my main page... and follow me on twitter.. I have surprise tweet specials starting today... Awesome savings so you can spend more time with your favorite Phone Sex Wonder Whore! We all know, I rock it like a hurricane!

I am getting ready for my annual Academy Awards Party... complete with all us girls in our formals, decked out from head to toe. I told the boys they could come if they rented tux's and they laughed at me... hmpff... go figure. I need some cute snack foods, I call em whore derbs... hee hee. Plus, I want a red carpet and some awesome decorations. I want to make Bunny Bridget from Playboy and Sexiest beaches proud. She throws themed parties all the time, as well as dresses themed! Any suggestions?

Oh, and I need my Bitches, Sluts and Buttboys to send me pictures to thewonderwhore@gmail.com so I can put them on my next personal site. I got this awesome pink photo album that I am turning into a graphic and sticking your pictures into it. The cover is "My Bitches"... with a pink crystal dotting the i.

I also might be going to California in the next couple of months to see my niece. Depends on how well I am doing and how much I can earn between now and then... I miss my niece something fierce and I guess I will just have to work even harder!

Fun stuff... I told you I have been super productive. I have been also taking lots of calls and getting my homework done.. how's that for being The Wonder Whore!

I have it scheduled in my CRS book Cant Remember Shit)to update my journal at least once a week. I started reading this self help book, they call it a CAN book, and it's helping me stay positive and organized, and in just a week I have already changed my life. I am so offering up to my new hires.. as it rocks hard core.

For those who care... right now I am wearing a taupe cashmere sweater, Painted on dark denim levis, Light brown ugz. My hair is pulled up in my signature pony, no make up... and feeling super sexy. I call it my snowbunny look, it's warm and practical. I smell like a princess too... Vera Wang Princess. (thanks soma)

Little known fact about me: Water is my best friend, not cause I swim once to twice a week, but I also have drinking water on me at all time. I carry my metal bottle of water, plus I normally have a bottled water in my bag incase my friends need one. My car normally has water in the trunk to. Right now it doesn't, as it freezes and explodes... not cool.

Ok, I think I am done bending your guys ears..eyes... whatever ... lol. I have to straighten my bedroom and get my homework done before I hop in bed. Phone lines are on! Call me!

kiss kiss kiss,
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